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New Poetry Collections

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Etherpoems: Ethereum’s First On-chain Poetry

A collective of poets write poetry directly on the Ethereum blockchain and share proceeds through a “collective deployed” smart contract.

Social media is the medium

How to leverage Instagram, Tiktok, and other social media platforms as new types of writing tools.

NFTs: Driving a Poetry Comeback?

The recent sale of an NFT poem for $75,000 could mark the beginning of a new era for poets around the world.

“Cyborgs…are not reverent. They do not remember
the cosmos.”

– Donna Haraway

Why are NFTs important for literature? Similar to art, NFTs will revolutionize the literary world in a way that publishers nor writers are currently anticipating. Words, like images, can be documented on the blockchain, serving as timestamped sources of ownership and also fractionally distributed. Imagine a quote from a short story being sold as a canvas print directly from the writer themselves, cutting out several intermediary steps and ‘middlemen’, not to mention costs every step of the way. Even writers needing their own website for brand may be lost to NFT platforms that will allow artists and writers to distribute copies or originals of their own works directly -omitting the process of having to “link out” to another e-commerce store. Move aside, Shopify. Publishers, take heed. Literary NFTs are coming to town.